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Vote now! (please)

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DK Happenings

Diaperkind needs your help!  We’ve applied for the Mission Small Business grant (of 150k!!) and in order for our application to even be considered, we need to drum up 250 votes.  But before you vote for us, we want you to know what you’re voting for! (We’re all about full disclosure over here ; )  Below are our answers to the grant application questions.  If you read it and like what you read, then you can […]

Back to school!

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The crisp fall air just screams “back to school”.  I love it.  I love the smell of it.  And only recently, after decades of missing out, do I get to actually experience the true back to school routine through my 5 year old daughter. But this time of fresh starts, exploring and learning doesn’t have to be exclusively for kids.  You can relish in it as well!  Diaperkind is now offering a whole slew of fun […]