Back to school!

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The crisp fall air just screams “back to school”.  I love it.  I love the smell of it.  And only recently, after decades of missing out, do I get to actually experience the true back to school routine through my 5 year old daughter.

But this time of fresh starts, exploring and learning doesn’t have to be exclusively for kids.  You can relish in it as well!  Diaperkind is now offering a whole slew of fun classes– and not just on diapering.

Looking to reconnect with your body after pregnancy and childbirth wreaked havoc on it?  Check out our Sunday morning Pilates classes with Stacey Jayne.

Want to be prepared in an emergency and to help prevent those emergencies by learning some real baby-proofing rules?  Join us and Baby Bodyguards for their Infant/Child CPR and Safety class.

Expanding your family and freaking out a bit about labor, birth or how to actually manage two (or three!) kids?   Let expert Sam Huggins of Carraige House Birth help by giving you a childbirth refresher while also sharing some secrets as to how to prepare your family for the new addition.  The Baby Deux class is informative, calming and fun.

Are you in the process of setting up your nursery, or rethinking it now that your newborn is mobile?  Stumped as to what toys or play spaces you should be setting up to encourage development for your growing baby?  Wanting to keep your home eco-friendly and avoid clogging up your house with tacky plastic toys and baby items?  The ladies of Birdsong can help! Their Sustainable Home – Sustainable Family workshop is incredibly fun and interactive.  This Ain’t Yo Grandma’s Babyproofing Class!

And, of course, we are in the business of cloth diapers so our line-up wouldn’t be complete without a few diapering workshops!  If you are new to all things cloth diaper- consider attending our Cloth Diaper 101 class.  In the class I will review EVERYTHING you ever (or never) wanted to know about diapers.

If you are already cloth diapering and are laundering yourself, perhaps our Home Laundering for the Pros can simplify your routine.  This class will dig into the real nitty gritty of laundry science.  We’ll debunk many of the popular myths about how to use, wash and strip your diapers and help troubleshoot any issues you may be running into.

We are also taking our show on the road! We are hosting Support Groups throughout the city each week. We welcome you to pack up your baby and come hang with us at a location near you.  Whether you have been cloth diapering for 2 days or 2 years please come join us!  Liz will be happy to chat about all stages of diapering from cord avoidance to potty training.

There is plenty more to come.  And many of these classes will be offered again in the winter- so if you are missing out on one now, fear not- you’ll have another chance.

Hope to meet you in person soon!

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