A new way of doing things….

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DK Happenings

What was meant to take 9 months, ended up taking 18 months- but it’s here!  It’s finally here!!

The new diaperkind.com will not disappoint.  We promise.  Because along with our shnazzy new design comes LOTS of user friendly functionality.

We will give you a brief overview here.  But please get on there and check it out for yourself!

Personal User Accounts:
Most importantly, you now have a fully functional user account where your personal information is stored, your weekly service and retail charges are displayed, you can shop and use stored addresses, credit cards and gift certificates.  Not to mention you can easily request size changes, doublers, more diapers, less diapers, order take-out to be delivered with your diapers!  Well, no, not quite on that last one.  But maybe in the future ; )

We’ve added a whole bunch of new and awesome products to our shop.  Check em out!

Frequently Asked Questions:
We’ve compiled all of your questions over the past 5 years and have used them to create our new FAQ pages.  There is an FAQ page for Diaper Service and for Home Laundering.  For our current service subscribers, there is a Questions and Support tab in your User Account that should be a huge help to you.  That is also where you will find the most recent version of our Service Instruction Manual.  And as always, feel free to email us if you have any additional questions.

Education and Support:
We’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you at our Open Houses and  Cloth Diaper 101 classes. Starting in September, we will be adding weekly Support Groups.  The groups will be held at various locations throughout the city so you won’t have to travel quite so far to get assistance or to meet and chat with other cloth diapering parents.
In addition to our diaper classes and groups, this fall we are excited to have Sam Huggins of Carriage House Birth talking about getting ready for Baby Deux, and the fabulous folks of Baby Bodyguards doing an Infant CPR workshop.  You can read about this all in more detail on our Education page.
We’ll continue to add more classes and workshops over the next few months, so check back often!

Social Media:
Be sure to follow us on Pinterest and Facebook and to check out our new Blog, The Diaperkind Digest.  We will be updating the blog regularly with fun diaper and baby stuff, recipes and local happenings around the city.

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